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Our Ventures

  • Vigil

    Vigil develops biometric monitoring technology that provides peace of mind by making it easier to care for the elderly, babies and others in need.
  • Qrious

    Qrious enables customers to gain valuable new insights from their information -- and act on them -- through a suite of flexible, low cost applications.
  • Lightbox

    Lightbox is an online TV service for all New Zealanders who want to discover their new favourite shows and watch at their own pace, with no ads to burst their TV bubble.
  • Bigpipe

    Bigpipe is an ISP for people who love the internet. It offers unlimited data, no contracts and an industry-leading support service for ultimate customer freedom.
  • Morepork

    Morepork gives people the ability to control and monitor their homes from their smartphone. Self installed and easy to use, Morepork is making smart home technology simple and affordable for New Zealanders.
  • App La Carte/

    App la Carte lets anyone create their own mobile app, via a fast, user-friendly and feature-rich cloud service. Manage loyalty, payments and push messages, for a great price.
  • Skinny

    Skinny Mobile is part of Spark’s prepaid brand strategy. Skinny are a bit different. We only do mobile, we use the Spark network at ‘skinny’ prices, and we don’t lock you into contracts. It’s that simple.

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